Instruction To Unzip A File In Windows Vista Operating System

Microsoft has been able to hold on to their seat in the computer industry by introducing the new windows Vista operating system, containing several fascinating features. The new visual interfacing is really awesome, and you can make your desktop attractive with high quality screen resolution displays in the windows vista operating system.

Windows Defender

Windows defender is the new feature that you may not see in other windows operating systems. This feature helps to block the unwanted popup messages, and security problems caused by viruses and spyware. Besides this, windows vista comes with an inbuilt Software Explorer feature which scans the entire running applications and disables unused applications automatically.

Along with the above features, windows vista operating system comes with an inbuilt compressing tool, by using which you can quickly compress files. Nonetheless, by using the decompression tool you can move files from one place to another without causing any damage to the files.

Mentioned below are the pointers from the Windows Help panel to unzip a file in Windows Vista operating system.


  • First of all locate the zipped file and then double-click on it. This opens up a new window with all the files that you have stored in the Zipped file folder.
  • On the top of the new window, you will be able to view Extract all files option. As soon as you click the Extract all files option then an extracted folder window will get displayed. Now choose the location to decompress the compressed file to. You can also drag and drop the files from this window to another without selecting the extract all files option.
  • Now select the browse option and choose the target for the uncompressed files.
  • Once you finish with the above step, hit on the extract button. Now you have all the files unzipped to the location that you have chosen.

Alternative method

Right click on the compressed folder which contains the zipped files. This pulls down a menu with a list of options in it. Now select extract all files option to open the Extract Compressed Folders window.

The rest of the procedure is same as done before. I think the first method is much simpler and more secure, compared to the second.

With these I came to the end of instructions from the Windows Help panel to unzip a compressed file in windows vista operating system. Thank you!

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