Fixing display resolution errors

Windows Vista operating system and the monitor are designed to work only at specific range of display resolutions. When a wrong resolution is used, the user encounters Vista problems like display corruption, black screens, and error messages. Boot the computer into safe mode and reset the resolution setting in Vista.

Instructions by Vista help

This procedure will help the user in fixing the display resolution errors in Vista operating system. the steps are as follows:

  • Turn on the computer and repeatedly press the F8 keyboard key.
  • This action stops the normal booting operating procedure and loads an Advanced Boot Options menu.
  • Select the Enable low-resolution video (640×480) option by using the arrow keys on the keyboard.
  • Press the Enter key once the correct option is highlighted.
  • Click Start. Type Device Manger in the Start Search field and press Enter.
  • This opens a new window containing a list of the hardware.
  • Expand the graphics hardware by clicking Display Adapters.
  • Windows may display an alert icon next to the adapter.
  • Right-click the adapter and click Disable.
  • Click Yes if prompted to confirm, and reboot the computer as normal.
  • Type Device Manager in the Start Search box and Go back to the Device Manageronce Windows has reloaded.
  • Right-click the adapter again and click Enable.
  • Click Yes if prompted with a confirmation, and reboot the computer once more.
  • Right-click the desktop and click Personalize.
  • This opens a new window on the screen.
  • Click the Display Settings on the appearing window.
  • Locate the Resolution slider near the bottom of the window.
  • Click and drag the slider to a resolution supported by the monitor.
  • Refer to the monitor’s documentation if you are not familiar with the maximum or recommended operating resolution of the display.
  • Click the Apply button at the bottom to confirm the resolution change.
  • The screen may flash briefly, and a confirmation appears asking if you would like to keep the new resolution.
  • Click Keep Changes if satisfied or Revert if you are not content with the change.

These steps are enough for fixing the Vista problems of display resolution error messages in the operating system. If you were not able to resolve the issues, contact the Vista help team for further assistance.

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