Windows XP Users Still Stick On To The Outdated OS

Microsoft has put in a lot of effort on making Windows XP users aware about the potential threats of using an unsupported operating system. However, despite these efforts, only a few customers have upgraded their operating systems. This is clear from the figures of Windows XP users in March and May. The share of Windows XP users had seen a drop of only 2.4 percent between these months. Keep in mind that Windows XP support ended on April 8, 2014. This means, still a good number, about 25 percent of customers, run Windows XP on their machines.

According to Windows support number, it is no longer safe to run Windows XP on any of the machines. The director of security and risk at Tripwire, Tim Erlin says, “The users who remain on Windows XP are clearly putting their data at risk by doing so, despite the very clear warnings from both Microsoft and the information security industry. This data should not surprise anyone because the users who were still on XP by the time the End of Support deadline passed were already those who either can’t or can’t be bothered to upgrade. The XP holdouts have already demonstrated their ability to stick with the aging platform, so we can likely expect this population to dwindle only through hardware failure, lack of software compatibility and compromise.”

When there are no updates for the operating system, it would start to encounter many troubles. These troubles could eventually lead to the crash of the operating system. Therefore, it is advised that you upgrade the unsupported operating system with any of the newer operating systems from Microsoft like Windows 7 or Windows 8. These operating systems will receive support until 2020 and 2023 respectively. Therefore, you do not have to worry about update issues or support for few more years to come.

Users who have upgraded their operating systems from Windows XP have chosen Windows 8 or Windows 7.  While some choose Windows 8 owing to its futuristic features, many others have chosen to upgrade their PCs with one of the most trusted operating systems in the world, Windows 7. Most customers who had called Windows support number received advice that upgrading to Windows 8 is a better option than upgrading to Windows 7. It was also stated by the technicians at the Windows support number that this is because mainstream support for the operating system ends on January 2015, while the mainstream support for Windows 8 expires only by the year 2018.

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