Windows XP Support Is No More, But The OS Is Still Popular Among Users

There will not be many, who do not know what happened with the old OS, Windows XP. Windows XP was one of the best operating systems that were present for over a decade. The old OS has been removed from the Microsoft supported products. The software giant provides support for all their products and there is definite time period, for which each product is supported by the software maker. Windows XP, like all Microsoft developed software, had a life span. This is known as the lifecycle of software. Windows XP outlived its own life span by living well over a decade, actually 13 years.

Windows XP end of support means, the Windows XP users will not be receiving Windows help and support, technical assistance, security packages, feature updates and many other things. Actually, the OS is dead as far as the software company is concerned. This is rightly so, because it was around for so long and the company needs to encourage more users to move on to advanced, modern operating systems like Windows 8.

Windows XP was removed from the supported list mainly because the company has to look to the future. The company is trying to unify the operating systems across various devices. This can only happen if the users move on to Windows 8. Windows 8 is modeled after Windows Phone OS and is optimized for touch friendly systems. Windows XP is a good OS, but it is outdated when compared to the features available in today’s operating systems. Windows 8 offers a variety of quality features making it more attractive, fast and trendy.

Windows XP has had its glorious time in the past and like all things made has to end some day. This is the rule of modernity and advancement. Windows XP was an aberration living so long, longer than any operating system in the history of Microsoft. The world’s best OS of the past has to give way to new and advanced operating systems of the future.

Windows 8 and future operating systems has many features making your OS experience much better. Moreover, using Windows XP is not at all safe for the users as well as others. Windows XP is like beacon for all the hackers as they are targeting the OS to bombard all the malicious codes in XP powered systems. No Windows help and support anymore; so, why continue using it. Move on!

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