Windows Server 2003 Will Get Migration Help From Dell

The year 2015 will witness the end of support for Windows Server 2003. Prior to this, Dell has decided to help businesses who are still using Windows Server 2003. Dell will help these business firms for a transition to a new platform.

Windows Server 2003 can be considered as a successor of Windows XP. Just like the end of support of Windows XP, Microsoft will stop offering support for its server platform by July 14, 2015. As you know, Microsoft had already served its variety of platforms and programs with advanced facilities. Their intention to bring new facilities also makes them end the support offered for their old platforms and services. Now Windows server 2003 is following the path of Windows XP and is nearing to its deadline.

Like XP, Windows servers are also used by millions of users. A complete transition of all the Windows server users will not be possible. Dell has warned about the same as there are over millions of people using Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2003 R2. Dell on the other hand has introduced migration service for Windows Server 2003 and is offering a migration plan to help the users. This plan will be offering help for customers throughout different stages of transition.

According to Tim Loake, the director of Dell Services, UK, Dell satisfies the business needs by meeting the needs of each customer. The migration service provided by Dell offers support right from data centre to endpoint. They make sure that all problems connected with migration are fixed at the earliest.

Dell offers different types of services including Data Center Transformation, Windows Server OS Modernization Services, Global Application Packaging and Application Management Consulting. This package contains applications that help to identify compatibility issues faced by each app and the remedies for them.

Since Windows help cannot be expected, as the support will end for Windows Server, the new migration support from Dell is a great relief for Windows Server 2003 users. They also said that the new service offered for Windows Server 2003 would have a guide to help customers know about the different options that could offer them help.

Just like Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 is also nearing its deadline, Windows help will not be available after that.  Microsoft has already urged all its customers running on Windows Server 2003 to think about the upgrade before January of next year. The mainstream support for Windows Server 2003 will end in January.

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