Windows Messenger Conversation History

Windows Live Messenger is a great tool to connect with friends instantly. When you begin conversations with your friends, family or colleague on Windows Live, you are in fact holding a real time conversation with additional features holding video conversations using your webcam.

When you converse with someone on Windows Live Messenger, your conversation is saved for that particular contact in the message history. So you have multiple conversations stored in the computer from different contacts. If you had forgotten to note something important, like phone numbers, dates and other information, you can get a hold of this data even after the conversation is terminated. Here are some Windows online support guidelines to do the same.

How do I see my Windows Live message history?

Here are some guidelines that should help you access the message history.

There are two ways to view these old conversations; with and without signing into the Messenger.

Viewing Conversations while Signed in to Windows Messenger

  1. Log into the Windows Live Messenger, type in your username and password and wait for a connection to establish.
  2. On the right side of the Search bar click on the icon Show menu.
  3. Place the cursor over the File selection and click View Message History.
  4. Choose the contact whose conversation you wish to retrieve and double click on the contact from the list. Your conversation history will appear now in a separate window.
  5. Retrieve the information you were looking for.

Viewing Conversations without Signing in

  1. Click on the Start menu button on your desktop on the bottom left corner.
  2. In the appearing pop-up menu, select the My Documents option in the right column.
  3. Double click on the folder My Received Files.
  4. From the collection of folders select the folder bearing your username. The username will be succeeded by a series of numbers in the folder’s name.
  5. Within that folder select the History folder. Here you will find a list containing all contacts that you conversed with. Select on the contact that you wish to view by double clicking the entry. Now a pop-up Internet explorer window will appear displaying your entire message history with that contact.

If you face difficulty in accessing the history contact Windows Online support. Windows Online support gives quick fixes for your issues. You can contact the experts on Windows Online support any time you want, as they are available at any hour of any day.

You can delete your conversations if they have any sensitive information that you wish to remove. Now, do not worry about noting down everything immediately, you can get hold of the information any time, later, from the message history.

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