Windows Briefcase To Preserve Laptop Files In Your PC

The advancements in the mobile data transfer technology have enabled us to capture and share information anywhere and however we please. We return from our long expeditions with a collection of memories and information in our laptop. The frequent alterations in the laptop drives may render it vulnerable to malfunction and result in loss of our valuable data.

The Briefcase feature in Windows is the ultimate remedy to safeguard data by allowing the transfer from laptops to desktop systems. The laptop drives can be synchronized with the desktop and the data can be securely transferred. Windows help is available for users to maintain a synchronized Briefcase folder to frequently update the files in the laptop to the PC. The procedures to establish a connection between the two systems and to synchronize files are enlisted in the next part of the article.

Procedures to synchronize files in laptop with desktop

  • Setup the connection between your system and laptop to initiate the synchronization process. Setting the network connection between the two systems will be the most effective option.
  • Access the shared folder located in your PC from the laptop or vice versa. You can operate either the PC or Laptop to access the alternative system as per your disposition.
  • Transfer the Briefcase from the Laptop to your PC. This will ensure that the Briefcase along with all its updated content will be moved to the specified location in your system.
  • Launch the Briefcase option that is displayed in your PC.
  • Now select the Update all option available in the window of your Briefcase preferences. You will see a dialog box that is enlisted with the list of program that you may choose to update.
  • Choose the necessary files that you need to update and select the Update button.
  • Once you have completed updating all the necessary files, you can exit the Briefcase window.

The files on your laptop will be now transferred to your personal system through successful synchronization. Windows help is available for users to copy the mobile data stored in your laptop to your personal desktop. The files that are added to the Briefcase can be manually copied to other specified locations. The files are depicted as Unchanged within the Briefcase folder. Briefcase also ensures that the files that are deleted from the folder do not affect the original files.

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