Windows 10 Leaked Build 9901 Shows Several Unannounced Features

The latest leak of Windows 10 shows that the new OS will contain some features which Microsoft is yet to announce. Many companies don’t like the fact of people knowing before they’re told of this, but Microsoft doesn’t seem to be one of them. Executive Gabe Aul said they were okay with this, and don’t mind users getting their hands on the OS before it’s made officially available.

According to Aul, this simply shows that many people are eager to try out Windows 10, and that is essentially a good thing. Although, he did state that official builds are more reliable for installing on primary PCs. Even the latest leak has a bug in it, and the company has warned this might preclude further Windows Insider updates in the future. But if users are OK with having to install an official build later on top of what they have now, this isn’t much of a problem. Also, the Windows Help features might not work optimally in the leaked build.

The leaked build is being called 9901, and it gives a peek at what future customers of the official Windows 10 build can expect. The prominent feature is that it looks and feels a lot like older Windows platforms, unlike Windows 8, which eschewed those visual aspects in favor of the tactile layout. Windows 10 won’t have any of the tiles, and will be reinstating the much popular Start menu. The Windows Help features will also be easier to handle.

Then there’s the Cortana visual assistant, which functions similarly to the Apple Siri. Cortana has been available on Windows Phone 8.1 since the mobile OS came out. Another feature that Windows 10 comes with is the new Xbox app, to make Gameplay a better experience than it has been until now. Using the new app, players can easily share their Xbox games with contacts, as well as information including achievements and other settings.

The consumer preview of Windows 10 will be brought out on January 21st, at a company event the week after the consumer electronics show. Microsoft executives have also said they will be revealing the release date for the final launch. The wait is trying for many users who want to leave Windows 8 behind, and also for those who wish to see the former performance of Windows platforms restore.

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