What To Do When MSN Messenger Does Not Work With Windows Vista?

MSN Messenger is now called as Windows Live Messenger and the program is compatible with Windows Vista and normally does not have any problems running on it. If you are experiencing any issues, a series of troubleshooting steps will help you fix the problem. Ensure that you are running the latest version of Windows Live Messenger program that will include the most up-to-date compatibility patches and bug fixes for the Windows Vista operating system. The Windows help tips that are shared below will help you to know more on the steps to be done when Windows Messenger program refuses to work In Windows Vista.

Downloading and Installing

The latest version of the Windows Live Messenger program is available for download and install from the website explorer.live.com. You can launch the installation package and then follow the instructions to finish the setup process successfully. If you run into any problems, you can re-download in some other web browser and then try to install it again. You can download and install the current updates for the Windows Vista operating system through the Windows Update component in Control Panel.

Running Messenger

If the Windows Messenger program refuses to run or crashes unexpectedly, you can uninstall the program from Control Panel, then download, and install the latest version of the program from Windows Live Essentials website. Doing this will make sure that the latest program updates and patches are applied.

Problems in Windows Messenger can also be caused by security issues. Make sure that you have a reliable and up-to date antivirus and anti spyware program installed in your computer. Run a full system scan to make sure that your computer does not have any infections. If you do not have a security program installed, you have two options AVG Anti-Virus Free and Microsoft Security Essentials.

Other Software Or Hardware

It is quite possible that a third party application or a hardware installed in your PC is leading to conflicts with the operation of the Windows Live Messenger program. For example, if you are using a webcam with Messenger, some other utility may be using the same resource in the background and can lead to conflicts. You can update the other software and uninstall all the programs that you no longer need. You can visit the official website of the manufacturer of the hardware to download and install the latest drivers for the Windows Vista operating system.

These are the few things that you can do to make Windows Messenger work in Windows Vista OS. For further help, you can contact the Windows help team.

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