Types Of Tech Support Available For Windows 7

Windows 7 is the most popular operating system in the world with a market share of more than forty percent of the computers. Even though the operating system is free of common errors and bugs, it sometimes shows some issues while you try to use specific features. The best thing to do if you ever find any issues with the operating system is to contact the Windows help and support team. The Redmond based software giant provides different types of tech support services for its customers. Here we discuss about some of the commonly provided and used support services.

Online Tech Support

The best and fastest method that you can adhere to for finding support for issues related to Windows 7 is to look for online support. You will be able to find answers to most common Windows 7 problems by referring to the Windows 7 help website. Microsoft has provided in detail step-by-step instructions for fixing the issues found in your system; you merely have to follow them promptly. If you do not find the fix for your issue, you can post the issue as a question so that the Windows support officials can get back to you with the fix for the specific issue. If you are not able to find the answer to the current problem, you need to look for other options.

Other Support Options

Some of the support options that the Windows help team provides you like online support mentioned above is free while others are paid, like one to one support over the telephone. Telephonic support can be availed by contacting the Microsoft support number. You can check whether you are eligible for a free support from the company by typing in the information about the issue and your product id. If you are eligible for free support, then the wizard in the page will prompt you to select any one of the services like phone chat or mail support for fixing the issue. However, if you are using some unsupported products on your system and the issue is caused due to it, you will not be able to get free service support from Microsoft. Before you go for online or phone support, just try to find the fix for the issue from the Help and Support Center installed in your computer by searching for the issue in the application window. Only if you are not able to find the fix from this tool will you need to search for other options of support.

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