Tutorial To Change The Computer Screen Back To Normal View

The Windows operating systems possess a unique and user friendly interface that has proven to be monumental in making them one of the most popular operating systems in the world. In most of the Windows computers, the system will open into a desktop screen mode from which the users can access different files and programs. If, by some reason, the view of your computer screen were to be altered, then it might be required of you to change the  display settings so as to revert it back to the normal view. The themes that you set in your computer can alter the various aspects of your computer such as desktop background, screen saver, and menu bar color. Using the settings in the control panel, you can also customize the desktop icons. You will also be able to restore the default display settings without needing to reset your hard drive. Windows help has provided us with some helpful instructions that will help you in changing the screen of the computer back to the normal view. These simple instructions are given below and you can follow them if you want to fix your computer screen.

Instructions to change the computer screen to normal view

  • First of all, click on the “Start” button located on the bottom left corner of your Windows desktop screen to launch the Start Menu. Choose the “Control Panel” option from the Start Menu to open the Control Panel window on your computer.
  • Click on the “Appearance and Themes” option and then click on the “Display” button to open the Display Properties window.
  • Click on the drop menu named as “Theme” and from this menu, select the default theme. Click on the “Apply” button located at the bottom of the Display Properties window.
  • Choose the “Desktop” option displayed on the top of the Display Properties window. Click on the “Customize Desktop” button located below the “Background” menu to open the Desktop Items window.
  • Select the “Restore Default” option displayed adjacent to the center left of the Desktop Items window. Selecting this option will set all of your desktop icons back to their default settings.

These are the instructions that you are required to follow if you want to fix the screen of your computer so that it goes back to normal view. These simple instructions were recommended by the ever reliable and efficient Windows help.

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