Tips For Resetting Windows Passwords

Windows 7 and Windows Vista are operating systems that are very easy to work with and have many salient features that help in completing our work more efficiently and easily. For computers, different hard disk capacities are available and users avail the space in the hard disk to store data including films, songs and even private and confidential data.

Keep your data safe

Your personal computer may house large amount of data that is of utmost importance for you and you are required to keep that data private. To ensure that others do not get control of the computer, you should enable a Windows password so that only you may access the operating system. Periodically, resetting of the Windows password has to be performed so that others will not be able to get to know your password easily.

This process of resetting the password may be confusing and at the same time unknown to many. So to effectively perform a password reset, the below mentioned Windows help guidelines have to be successfully followed.

Resetting password in XP

  • Turn on the Windows XP computer.
  • When the desktop is visible, choose the Start button located at the left side of Windows taskbar.
  • The Start menu will pop up on screen. From the menu, choose Control Panel. The Control Panel window will appear on screen. From the window, search and locate the option User Accounts.
  • Choose an account.
  • Choose Change Password option. A new menu will appear on screen.
  • Type the password that you use at the moment once and enter the new password two times. Choose the OK button.
  • The resetting of the password will successfully take place.
  • Close the rest of the open windows.

Resetting password in Windows Vista or Windows 7

  • Switch on the Windows Vista or Windows 7 PC.
  • When you are able to view the desktop, tap the Ctrl +Alt + Del keys together.
  • Choose the Change Password option.
  • You will be asked to type in your present password and in the other two fields, you have to type in the new password.
  • Without any mistakes, complete the entries and tap the Enter button.
  • The resetting of the password will successfully take place.
  • Close the rest of the open windows.

By following the above mentioned Windows help guidelines, the password reset procedure can be done with ease in almost all Windows operating system versions.

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