Tips For Deleting Dual Boot On Windows Operating System

With your computer system having configured to dual boot, you can access multiple operating systems on a single hard drive. However, this can prove no good while you use a single operating system. The worst part is that every time you start up the computer, it loads the operating systems in the background, consuming enormous amount of the processing power.

It is better to select one from among the two operating systems and load the same while you need it. In fact, it will allow the operating system of your choice to load automatically while you power on the computer. You do not need to uninstall the other operating system for your computer as well.

A Dual boot menu can be removed by accessing the System Configuration Tool. Windows help utility provides these steps for removing the Dual boot menu from your PC.

Steps in deleting Dual Boot Menu

  • Open any version of Windows operating system on your computer. Navigate to the bottom left corner and find the Start menu. Choose Run. You need to type in msconfig in the Run window in the space provided for text.  Hit the Enter key.  The system configuration window will now be displayed.
  • Choose the General tab. Select the radio button next to Selective Startup.
  • Choose the BOOT.INI tab. Locate in the preview pane, Operating systems text. Within this, you could find the two operating systems installed on your PC. You could find the name of the operating system at the end of the text.
  • Choose the operating system that you need to set as default. Select Set as Default button.
  • Type in the text field adjacent to Timeout. Choose the Apply button. Select OK to implement the changes.
  • Again, choose the Restart button to make the changes to take place on your PC. You can find that the dual boot system has ceased to function during the start up. Your computer will load the default operating system from then onwards.

You need to take note of the fact that deleting the wrong line can cause your system function erroneously. Therefore, it is better to backup the unedited original to compensate for the errors you may commit down the line.

Follow the Windows help utility instructions to delete the dual boot menu successfully on your Windows computer. It is always wise to use a single operating system to improve the performance and speed of your PC.

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