The Latest Windows 8.1 Phone Update Marred By Problems

Problems with Microsoft updates happen repeatedly. This time, it is the Windows 8.1 Phone Update, which is reportedly affected by a few bugs. Of course, the online Windows support services are quick to respond to these problems and fix them at the earliest. However, it would be better to do a thorough testing before they release these updates in the first place so as to reduce the chances of such errors.

About the latest Windows update error

The Windows Update file we are discussing here is the General Distribution Release 1 update, referred commonly as GDR1 with the version number 14147.180. This update was released automatically to those who are using the Developer Preview of the operating system. According to the Windows support website, this update adds many features and options to the Windows 8.1 Phone.

This update is said to bring along the voice assistant application developed by Microsoft called Cortana. Yet, at present, this will only be available in a few select countries. Other features like Live Folders, an improved version of the Internet Explorer 11 browser, etc. are also available with this update.

One of the first problems reported recently was about the non-availability of these updates to the HTC smartphone users. According to the Windows support website, there are some issues in the update, which have to be fixed before it is released to the HTC users. HTC smartphone OS requires the use of official updates released through the manufacturer.

Interestingly, some users faced a different problem. They were able to download the update successfully, but this update file did not install in their system. Instead, they received an error message indicating some kind of an installation error. Microsoft responded to these user complaints, who reported this 8018830F error message to the tech support team, and said that this error might be a result of low system storage space. Mostly, Samsung and Nokia Lumia smartphone users were affected by this Windows update error.

As always, Microsoft has promised to fix these issues at the earliest, and you can expect to see the release of a bug-free version of the same update soon. The whole issue looks very similar to the 12400.899 update released earlier for Windows 8.1 Phone. There was some error in this update as well.

So, it might be a good idea to wait for a couple of weeks until Microsoft addresses these problems, and comes up with a flawless update.

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