Steps To Fix Windows XP Network Issues

It is totally annoying and frustrating if you are forced to make several attempts every time you wish to connect to the internet. You may be in the middle of an urgent work when confronted with a network related issue. Calling up a technician and waiting for his arrival to fix the issue will certainly take a lot of your time. However, following a few simple Windows help steps, you can fix most of the common network-related issues in your Windows XP running PC.

The Windows XP Operating System is featured with an automatic repair provision. Using this feature, you can fix most of the frequently occurring network connection issues. Alternatively, you can download the free Network Diagnostic for Windows XP tool from Microsoft, using which you can diagnose and troubleshoot more complicated network related problems, including default gateway settings, IP configuration, and Internet connectivity validation.

Windows XP Automatic Repair-Instructions

  • Navigate to the Start menu and choose Control Panel. Highlight Network and Internet Connections. Locate Network Connections in the next window, and highlight it.
  • Locate the problematic network connection from the window and right click on it. Choose the Repair option from the drop-down menu. This will let Windows XP initiate the automatic repair. Click on the X button to close the window.
  • Launch your Internet Explorer browser and check if the problem persists. If you see that the websites are loading fast and successfully, you can conclude that the problem is resolved.

Network Diagnostic for Windows XP

  • Go to Microsoft’s website to download Network Diagnostic for Windows XP software tool. Using this tool, you will be able to resolve complicated network related issues.
  • Launch the Internet Explorer browser by clicking the Start menu, All Programs and then Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Navigate to the Tools menu. You can locate this option towards the top of the window. Choose the option that says Diagnose Connection Problems. This will launch the Network Diagnostic Tool. You will receive on-screen prompts to let the tool execute the troubleshooting steps.

Following the above given instructions, you should have been able to fix your network related issues in your Window XP computer. In case the instructions weren’t helpful to you, contact your Internet Service Provider for further assistance. Alternatively, you can go to Windows help pages to look for troubleshooting instructions. You can find instructions for most of the common network related issues from the Windows support pages.

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