Steps Involved In Creating A Shared Folder

Creating a shared folder is one of the easiest tasks while using the Windows OS . You can either share a folder with a number of users on a single PC or you may choose to share the folder with a network , to which a number of computers are connected. Both these processes are quite easy to deal with and involves just a few steps. So here are the windows help steps that you can make use of in order to create a shared folder.

Creating a shared folder for a network

Given below are the steps from windows help involved in creating a shared folder for a network.

  • Choose the folder that you wish to share with a network. The location of the folder would depend on where you have saved it in your system. So, navigate to the location of the folder and then, choose the folder.
  • In order to change the settings of the folder, right click on it, which would open up a new pop up window with a number of options. From the list of options provided, choose the “Sharing and Security” option.
  • Once this is done, click on the “Sharing” tab present in the sharing and security window.
  • Place  a tick mark on the checkbox corresponding to the “Share this folder on the network” option.
  • You may or may not change the name of the folder. This would depend upon how you wish the folder to be named in the network.
  • You may also place a tick on the checkbox corresponding to “Allow network users to change my files” if you wish to provide full access to the files in the folder to network users.
  • When the desired changes have been made, click “Apply” to complete the procedure.

Sharing on the same PC with multiple users

  • Navigate to the “My computer” option from the desktop and when a new window opens up, click on “Shared documents”.
  • Locate the folder you wish to share from the “My documents” window. If the folder isn’t present in this window, make sure to transfer the folder to this window and when it’s done, right click on this folder.
  • Drag the folder you wish to share to the “Shared Documents” folder.

The folder that you wish to share with other users of the same PC is now available on the shared documents folder.

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