Should You Upgrade To Windows 7 From Windows XP

With the death of Windows XP, many existing XP users might be confused as to what to do. Actually, Windows XP lived a long 13 years and it was about time for it to go. The software giant Microsoft had given umpteen extensions to the OS’s life span and it seems they have had it with the age old OS. Agreed, Windows is a good OS, it was the best a decade ago. But, now with the availability of new and advanced Operating Systems, it is anyway outdated and obsolete. Windows 7 is the best alternative available at present. You can easily migrate to the new OS without issues.

Most Windows XP users are still sticking to the old OS due to various reasons. Most common reason for sticking to the old OS is due to the fact that Windows XP is the most familiar OS available today. There are very few Windows users who have not used XP. The features of the aging OS is known to most Windows users. Some people are willing to risk their important information and stay with Windows XP considering the ease of use and features on offer.

Familiarity means people are afraid of trying something new. Another possible reason is the horrendous Windows Vista. Windows Vista was one of the worst Windows OS that had many issues. Windows Vista actually managed to increase the popularity of Windows XP. The company was forced to extend the support period for Windows XP because of the problems with Windows Vista.

Whatever may be reasons why people continue using Windows XP, the fact that Windows XP is unsupported is not going to change. Windows help and support for Windows XP no more exists. There will be no more Windows help and support provided by the company, officially. The security patches, technical assistance and feature updates etc will not be available for the OS anymore.

The major problem that users will have to face is the security. Most users will have to spend an awful amount of time securing the PC from thousands of malware, viruses, malicious codes and many other security threats. Since there is no support available, the software will be the main target of hackers, and other intruders. Windows 7 is the best OS available at present. It is far better than Windows XP in every aspect. If you don’t want to use Windows 8 series of OSs, wait for the official launch of Windows 10.

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