Set up Spam filtering on Windows hotmail

Users with internet access on their computer can access the Windows Live Hotmail offering free email service. A Hotmail mailbox in an effort to resist spam comes equipped with a Junk email folder collecting and deleting unwanted messages. Users can strengthen the filter that determines a message as junk or legitimate in Hotmail. Therefore adjusting these settings can eventually reduce the unsolicited emails number coming in to your Inbox and also prevents you from missing significant mails.

Lets us see how you can set up Spam filtering on Windows hotmail without having to dial Windows support number. Carefully follow the instructions listed below;

Instructions to Set up Spam filtering in Hotmail without dialing Windows support number

  • Open your Internet browser and go to the Hotmail login page. Using your Windows Live user ID and password log in to your Hotmail account.
  • Click “Options” from the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Select “Filters and Reporting.” under “Preventing Junk Email” you can find this option.
  • Select the desired filter level. Most junk messages are sent to the Junk email folder with The “Standard” level. The “Exclusive” setting sends all messages to the Junk folder except requested alerts, Windows Live Hotmail service announcements and messages coming from your contacts and safe senders list. Increased number of false positives results from selecting the “Exclusive” filter. As a result, many legitimate messages are sent to the Junk folder.
  • Choose whether you want to report junk messages to Microsoft. The junk message information is sent to Microsoft and other anti-spam third-party companies automatically by choosing “Report Junk“. “Don’t Report” simply deletes the messages without reporting the message information. To return to the Hotmail options page, Click “Save“.
  • From under “Preventing Junk Email“, Click “Safe and Blocked Senders“.
  • Enter email addresses from which you would like to receive messages and those you wish to block. To add the email addresses from which you wish to receive messages, Click “Safe Senders“. To add the mailing list email addresses from which you wish to receive messages, Click “Safe Mailing Lists“. Click “Blocked Senders” to add the email addresses from which you never want emails.
  • Close Hotmail options page, click “Go to Inbox” from the left side of the screen.

That’s all, thank you!

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