Retrieving Security Updates On Windows

It’s nothing new that Microsoft Windows is the most popular and trustworthy operating system preferred by most people. The user interface is pretty much user friendly and loaded up with numerous tools. Operating through Windows gives optimum benefits to the user irrespective of being a hard-core computer professional or just a social network site buff. But one thing to make sure is that your security updates on the system is properly working. This is compulsory to know that your computer is functioning in perfect condition and without any virus threats or intruder breach. You can use Windows Help incase if you are not having security updates. The following set of instructions will help you in accomplishing the task.

Retrieval steps of Windows security updates

  • For getting started with the process you need to select the ‘Windows’ tab which is found on the left side, way down on your screen. This has to be done for opening up the ‘Start up menu’. After that, select the arrow under ‘All programs’ option for expanding the menu. Now select ‘Windows Update’.
  • Click ‘Change settings’ from the Windows update box. Now you can select your preferred settings from the dropdown menu found under ‘Important updates’.
  • Once this is done, you can proceed by selecting ‘Change Settings’ which is found in the Windows update dialog box. Now you may set the desired frequency for the updates. This can be done by selecting a specific day or ‘Every day’. This is to be updated on the ‘Install New Updates’ menu. You can even select a time for that.
  • Now you can click on the space under ‘Recommended updates’ for configuring the same updates you have previously selected for ‘Important updates’. One thing to be noted is that ‘Recommended updates’ has got the software updates and certain plug-ins that are not that essential for your system but might be useful in terms of computer’s performance.
  • Once you are done with all these steps click ‘OK’ for applying the changed settings and bring it to effect.

Thus, you can very well see that the above-mentioned instructions are pretty simple and easy to apply. Windows Help will certainly be of use if any technical issues related to the updating procedures that might occur in the future. Furthermore, timely Windows security updates is an essential system requirement and you have to make sure it’s operational.

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