Repairing The No Disc Error In Windows

You may receive a No disk error at certain times when you turn on the Windows computer. The Windows help and support experts point out that this error is displayed because the operating system is unable to locate your computer. But the good news is that it can be solved easily, as this is not a serious error. There are many reasons for encountering this error. Let’s see how we can solve this problem.

Windows help and support to resolve the issue

  • Before jump starting the troubleshooting process, you need to make sure that your computer doesn’t have viruses. One of the major reasons for encountering such problems is the activity of viruses.
  • You need to install a good antivirus program to secure the data on your computer. After installing the antivirus, you need to perform a full system scan, and remove the viruses if any.
  • Restart the computer and see if the problem is solved. If the problem still persists, you need to follow the steps given below.
  • You need to change the drive letter as the first step. Before doing so, you need to make sure that all the media drives and devices are connected to the computer.
  • Navigate to the option labeled My Computer. When the My Computer window is displayed, you need to right click on the window.
  • A new list of options is displayed. From this list, select the option labeled Manage. A new window will appear on the screen. Select the option labeled Disk Management.
  • You need to locate the option labeled Change Drive Letter and Paths. To advance to the next step, you need to select a different letter for the drive.
  • Simply save all the changes you just made to the system. All the drives and disks should be removed now.
  • Leaving this attached to the computer may create problems and error messages. The system will get confused and try to boot from the removable disk.
  • To proceed to the subsequent step, you need to clear all folders and documents. Next off, you need to inspect your hardware. If your hardware is corrupt, you are guaranteed to encounter errors and issues.

If the problem still persists, you need to contact Microsoft support website for troubleshooting assistance. Have a great day.

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