Removing Unwanted Updates From The Computer

Microsoft offers periodic software and other product updates to help users get the best performance. Windows operating systems are also required to be updated with regular patches and updates in the same manner, to ensure that the system is running properly. Apart from monitoring the performance, these periodic updates offered by Microsoft also helps users to resolve minor issues in the operating system. Therefore, it is advised to install all the recommended updates in your computer to keep all its functions at the optimum level.

However, sometimes the hardware incompatibility, antivirus protection, Windows Defender, or other issues may restrict some specific updates to be installed in the system properly. Most of such blocked updates are optional, but the Windows operating system would prompt you to install the updates again if the installation was not successful earlier. This may irritate you a lot, as Windows operating system will not stop asking you to install them, despite the fact that there are internal issues in the system that prevent such optional updates to install properly.

Windows help and support center offers a way to deal with this situation. To stop Windows prompting for update installation, you can simply delete the unwanted updates from the Windows Update directory. Follow the below given set of instructions to remove the updates that do not install properly.

Steps to follow

  • Go to the Start button on your desktop screen and access the Start menu. Expand the Programs list and click on the Windows Update option.
  • Select the Custom link, and opt for Select and Install Other Updates from the resulting menu.
  • Go through the list of updates waiting to be installed in the system. Select and install the required ones. When you come across those updates that failed to install, click on the plus sign button against it to expand the options.
  • Mark the checkbox against Do not show this update again link in the list of options. Click OK to continue. Follow the same procedure for all the updates that you do not want to install on your computer.
  • Select Review and Install Updates option to save the altered settings and finish the procedure.
  • Go to your desktop screen once again, click on the Start button, and select Turn off Computer option. Opt for Restart in the following pop-up box and reboot your computer.

Your Windows operating system would not prompt you for installing the updates anymore, until you change the settings later. For further assistance on how to download and install all the recommended updates, contact Windows help and support center.

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