Procedure To Change Folder Icons Quickly

Folders are probably the most used and accessed feature in Windows. Like actual physical folders, these digital folders provide similar convenience by adding files to it, to organize and group it. Windows provides this amazing ability to organize and categorize files with the help of folders, this way it becomes easy for you to search the particular file you need to access, just like keeping files in folders and folders in a filing cabinet.

Now, you see many folders in your Windows Explorer or your desktop screen that look the same; that is, they share the same icon (Folder). It looks similar to a small yellow folder. This makes it pretty hard to find your file (without using the search feature). So, in order to make things much better, and easily identifiable, you can change the icons that you consider important. This will actually help you identify the files as you can change a folder icon to any custom icon available, or you have developed in a graphic design program. The icon changes pretty much immediately, and you can then return to the folder’s default icon if you do not like the one you have selected. The Windows OS provides a special button that allows you to make changes to a folder’s icon instantaneously. Here are the Windows help instructions that will help you to change the folder icons:

Windows help instructions

  • At first, you need to press on the Windows key and then select E. Then you need to select Windows Explorer.
  • You need to right-click on any folder you want to customize. Then select Properties.
  • You need to click on the Customize tab and then click on the Change Icon button located at the bottom of the window. Windows will then open a pop-up window that contains a list of system icons installed in Windows.
  • Thereafter you need to scroll through the list in order to find an icon that you want to use for the selected folder and then click on it to highlight it. Then, if you now prefer to use an icon from a different location, then you can click on Browse to open a file-selection window. You need to navigate an icon you wish to use, and then click on that icon.
  • Then you can click on the OK button. Thereafter, you can click on the OK button again to close the Properties window.

The above instructions should help you change Folder Icons quickly. Try out a few before you settle for the ones you really like.

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