Planning System Migration From Windows XP And Windows Server 2003

It is not easy implementing a system transition from a decade old operating system to a new one. You will be faced with many incompatibility issues and will find that the old OS backup won’t run on the latest operating systems. As far as software applications are concerned, you might have to start from a clean slate. This is why many organisations keep putting off their IT migration plans.

Windows help for Enterprises looking to migrate from XP and Server 2003

Many organisations planning to migrate from the old XP and Windows Server 2003 versions are looking for tech support to facilitate a smooth transition. They do not want to lose any data and reduce the incompatibility problems to a minimum, while they do realise the need for making an upgrade.

Microsoft is well aware of these concerns and they have set up a few Windows help websites providing the necessary tools and guidelines for making the migration easier. For example, the OS backup files in Windows XP were created in a format that Microsoft no longer uses in any of their latest operating systems. This means that the new Windows 7 or Windows 8 OS will not recognise those backup files you have been accumulating over the years in your IT database.

However, Microsoft has introduced a tool, which you can download from their tech support website to facilitate this. So, you no longer have to worry about losing any of the data you have stored in those old backup files. Even some of the old applications can be still run on the same system, if you are finding it difficult to replace them.

You can make use of virtualisation software programs to create an XP virtual environment in your new systems and within this virtual environment, you can run any of the old software programs designed to work only on XP OS. But, this should be seen as a temporary measure. Sooner or later, you have to upgrade to a new version of that same program.

One of the software programs available for running virtual XP is FarStone’s VirtualXP. Using this software, you can continue to use XP on your new Windows OS system. A free version of the software called VirtualXP Free is also available.

As you can see, with the right set of tools and tech support services, system migration from old XP or Windows Server 2003 versions to new operating systems can be achieved without any problems.

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