Kerberos Bug Patch Out For Download

The Windows Kerberos bug has been bumped up on the critical scale. It’s seen being used in specific, focused attacks, following which the company has started urging admins to pick up and install the patch they’ve released. This is one Windows help issue which is not going away without a fight. It’s easy to take … Read more

UK’s NHS Still Messing Around With Windows XP

England’s National Health Service is holding fast to the use of Windows XP systems. This poses a security meltdown because the OS isn’t supported by the manufacturer Microsoft, ever since the tech giant scrapped it in April. The only way NHS can avail the lacking security is by paying Microsoft £5.5 million for premium Windows … Read more

How To Boot When Windows Refuses To Start

Windows operating systems is a famous ecosystem in which people prefer to work. It is one of the user-friendly operating systems used by most of the corporate offices, educational institutes, homes and other places. Though it is loaded with better functionalities that improve productivity, sometimes Windows might run into issues. Out of the issues that … Read more

Getting Windows Tech Support Online

Throughout its tech support period, you can access any of the Windows help services online, through their chat support network or by dialling the helpline numbers, free of charge. However, as the tech support service for a particular OS reaches its final stages, Microsoft will discontinue many of these free services and start charging for … Read more