New Features In The Windows Phone OS Update

There is good news for Windows phone users and fans of the Windows phone mobile OS. A third update for the Windows phone is on the way and it seems to be a good offering. With the advent of this new update from Microsoft, the company proclaims the OS to offer stiff competition to its rival operating systems like Android and iOS. The reviews for the Windows Phone OS were very bad because it lacked applications when compared to its competitors and there were hardware constraints also.

What’s new?

The latest update to the Windows Phone OS provides support for larger displays and the ability to work with quad core processors. With these advancements, the company aims to lure more customers to the Windows phone operating system and conquer the mobile operating system market. Earlier, Windows phones were subjected to displays below 5 inches but with the advent of the update, phones running Windows OS could enter into the highly popular 5-inch and above 5 inch display arena.

The ‘Driving mode’

In order to facilitate safe driving, Microsoft has added a unique ‘Driving mode’ that silences your phone and automatically responds to messages, thus eliminating any distractions that you may encounter while driving and preventing fatal injuries and loss of life. This is quite similar to the Android app released by T mobile called the drive smart app that was released around two years back.

Other improvements

Other hosts of changes that are incorporated in the update are a screen orientation lock, customized ringtones, accessibility improvements, better internet sharing capabilities and the feature to close apps when making use of the multitasking view. However, the company has given the notification center a miss and maybe it might appear in the future versions.

The future

The update will roll out soon to all Windows 8 phone devices. The company has some very interesting devices rolled up its sleeve that it plans on introducing during the holiday season with the rumors of a 10-inch tablet in the offering.

With the new update and upcoming devices, the company hopes to revive its fortunes and make the competition much tougher for its rivals. The users of Windows 8 OS may contact Microsoft help and support website for acquiring the required Windows help. Windows help and support features are going to be a major matter of concern for many potential Windows Phone users.

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