More on creating desktop icons in Windows

The formal way of accessing the programs and files saved in your system is by clicking on the Start button. Not many users use this formal technique. The vast majority of the users make use of the Desktop icons in order to access the files and programs saved in the hard drive. The greatest advantage of the desktop icons is that, it can save time of the user. This article will help the readers understand how to create a desktop icon. Related articles are found in Windows Help topics too.

The conventional way of accessing files

Before letting you know how to create a desktop icon, I would like to make you aware of the conventional way. The conventional procedure will help you when you face problems with the working of mouse. When it comes to desktop, a mouse is needed to click on the files to open it. But what happens if your mouse fails? Here lies the importance of the short keys. Press the button with windows emblem on your keyboard and access the Start button. With the help of the arrow keys, select the My Computer option to access the hard drives stored in your system. In order to access the programs, select All Program options and press Enter.

Steps to create Desktop icon

Load the desktop of your system and right click on it. Click on the New option and select Shortcut. The icon wizard will appear on your screen and it will prompt the user to enter the location of the file, which needs a shortcut icon. You can even click on the browse option to perform this function. After you have made the selection, click on the Next button. The program files make use of an .exe extension in order to create the shortcut. You may select the programs from both the Windows and Program files option. Type down the name of the icon and then click on the Finish tab. Make use of the Display Properties to select the icons for your internet browser, My Computer etc.

Click on the Properties option followed by Desktop. Select Customize Desktop and click on all the check boxes according to your preference. This will help you to load the preferred items on your desktop. Make use of the Display options in the control panel to make changes in the appearance of the icon.

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