Microsoft Tries To Undo The Damage Caused By 8.1 RT Update

Microsoft did not get things right with their new operating system. They miscalculated the user reaction to the bold changes they made with the new Metro UI. Now, they are going to make the necessary changes with the new update. However, the released update – the one for the Windows RT 8 OS, to be precise – contained some errors.

Waiting for Windows help to get out of the RT update error

The Windows 8 RT users who installed the new update found their systems crashing, after displaying the much-dreaded Windows blue screen error message. There was no way out of this mess without doing a complete OS recovery, back to the original Windows RT 8 OS – i.e. if the users had a recovery USB stick with them.

Microsoft was quick to remove the faulty update from the Windows Store, with a message that acknowledged the error with a small percentage of Windows 8 RT users. They were obviously trying to downplay the error.

After they fixed the error, the Windows 8.1 RT update was re-introduced, and made available for download on the Windows Store. However, the users affected by the faulty update are still waiting for Windows help to get out of this mess.

Better late than never

Microsoft has since released a recovery image for the Windows RT OS for all the affected users to download. They can run this file from a USB drive to recover the original OS. This is the same as your recovery stick, if you have one. However, by doing this you would be resetting your tablet back to the factory settings. There is also a chance that you will lose all data on it.

The new Windows 8.1 RT update  

With the really bad start, many Windows 8 RT users are taking the wait-and-see approach towards the new update. I guess, like me, they are not particularly fond of the Windows Blue Screen error. Although I have to say, Microsoft has really made a good attempt at making the Windows 8 RT OS more user-friendly. In addition, the Windows 8.1 update is available free to all the current Windows 8 users.

However, one thing remains unchanged – the price of the new Windows OS. In my opinion, since Windows RT is in direct competition with the Android freeware OS, they need to seriously consider reducing the price. Unfortunately, Microsoft disagrees.

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