Microsoft To Bring Back The Full Start Menu

Many Windows 8 users were disappointed when they found out that Microsoft decided not to bring back the old Start Menu in Windows 8.1. Just after a few months of Windows 8.1 launch, many users started sending queries and complaints to the Windows help center, mainly about the absence of Start Menu in the new Metro design and the overall layout being less user-friendly.

It is reported that Microsoft is developing an OS to answer such user grievances, which will work smoothly on both touch screen monitors as well as the traditional desktop PCs. Microsoft earlier thought they got it right in Windows 8 with Metro UI, but most of the users were not impressed with the changes at all. However, Microsoft does want to bring back the old Start Menu in the upcoming platform, which contrastingly, might be on the inconvenient side for touch screen device users.

According to Microsoft experts, the new Start Screen is much better than the old Start Menu that occupies just a small corner of your screen. The Start Screen in Widows 8.1 and Windows 8 occupies the entire screen and displays the options in big tiles. This is more convenient for both touch-based devices as well as desktop computer users.

So instead of bringing back the full Start Menu in Windows 8.1, Microsoft introduced a smart Start Button in the platform. This will take you to back the Start Screen and has a few other options including Shutdown, Restart, Log Off, and Sleep. It seems like Microsoft is under the impression that Windows 8 users will eventually get used to this new substitute for the very user-friendly Start Menu. However, the release of Windows 8.1 update has not improved the OS sales whatsoever.

Clearly, Windows 8 and 8.1 are going the same way as Windows Vista did, and experts believe that Microsoft will do exactly as they did earlier when Windows 7 OS was released to compensate for Windows Vista. Microsoft will listen to the issues cited by their user community, and get rid of at least some radical changes in the previous OS. In short, you can expect to see the full Start Menu in the next Windows version. There are already leaked screen shots of this new Windows OS Start Menu circulating online.

Microsoft might introduce new features in Windows 8.1 Update 2 or with Windows 9, which is expected to release in 2015. Keep checking the Windows help website for any official announcements regarding this.

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