Microsoft Plans To Take The PC Market By Storm In The Near Future

Over the years, Microsoft has carved a niche for itself in the PC market with a series of advanced operating systems. On the contrary, the corporate giant had to take a serious blow with the introduction of Windows 8. Customers had to encounter regular technical issues with the OS and the Windows help feature often turned a blind eye on them. The good news is that Microsoft is all geared up to make a major come back with the updated Windows 8.1 and Windows 9 OS. Read along to know more about the subject.

Windows 8.1

The latest and updated Windows OS is in fact a big sigh of relief for worldwide PC users who were literally frustrated with the previous Windows 8 OS. The all-new Windows 8.1 appears as a path breaking OS that will wipe out all the previous technical issues. It is as if the familiar has just been made better. The best part is that the previous and familiar icons and folders are still there, or to be precise, comes with a fantastic makeover. Modified task manager along with the streamlined file management feature will enable you to navigate to the desktop and quickly back to the start screen with just a single click. Now, you will be able to use and enjoy all the special features such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel and other apps to organize your PC activities in a much more simplified way.

Security options like Windows Smart Screen, Windows Defender etc. will protect your PC against virus attacks and malicious spyware in real time. The Family Safety option is another salient technical feature of Windows 8.1 that will enable your kids to use the different tabs on your PC in a much more effective manner. The Windows help feature will instantly resolve all technical issues.

Windows 9

As per official reports, Microsoft is all prepared to launch the highly advanced Windows 9 OS by the month of October 2014. The Windows 9 OS will come preinstalled in all the new systems that are ready for immediate shipment. It is expected that Microsoft will fundamentally transform all the existing operating systems with the advent of Windows 9 OS. Reliable sources reveal that the code name for Windows 9 will be Threshold. The IE 11 service integration along with touch friendly devices will certainly make Windows 9 a class apart from the previous operating systems introduced by Microsoft.

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