Microsoft All Set To Revive The PC Market In 2015

It s known fact that Windows 8, launched by Microsoft, is a failure as far as the sales of the operating system is concerned. Released almost two years ago, this operating system has garnered more negative reviews than any other existing versions of the Windows OS. According to the technicians available at the Windows help and support team, most users who called up to uninstall Windows 8 had almost the same issues i.e. the operating system was too complicated to use. Although Windows 8 comprised of several advanced features, the lack of basic and user-friendly options in it led to its downfall.

Such a lackluster performance of the Windows 8 operating system has also resulted in the emergence of strong competitors for Microsoft in the PC market. This is because the users who were dissatisfied with Windows 8 either downgraded their systems to the previous versions of the Windows OS or moved to other operating systems. This led to the diminishing sales of the Windows operating systems and as a result, Microsoft began to lose some of its customers to its counterparts.

As per the latest reports, the software giant is all set to revive the PC market in 2015. As stated by the research firm Gartner, Windows operating system will play an important role in reviving the whole PC market in the next year. This year, the PC shipment sales are expected to decrease and fall to 308.4 million compared to the 317.6 million last year. However, as foreseen by Gartner, the sales of PCs would definitely improve next year and can even reach figures of 316.8 million. According to the Windows help and support team, the total shipment of computing devices is expected to rise 4.2 % this year to 2.4 billion units and this includes Smartphones, tablets and PCs. This trend is all set to continue even in the next year and the expected rise is said to be around 2.6 billion units. Adding to it, the tablet shipment sales would also exceed the PC sales next year.

As far as the Smartphone OS market is considered, there is no doubt that Android will continue its dominance in the coming years too. The expected increase in the shipment of Android based devices this year is said to grow 30 %.

Hence, it can be said that Microsoft will have to implement new strategies to revive its position in the PC market and pose stiff competition to its strong counterparts.

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