Microsoft Acquires Parature And Its 70 Million User Base

It has been reported that Microsoft is all set to acquire Parature, the popular and cloud storage service firm. The acquisition will cost Microsoft around $100 million (£60 mn). Microsoft said that this will be made available with the Microsoft Dynamics suite of products.

Parature acquisition to increase the number of Microsoft customers

Obviously, Microsoft’s acquisition of Parature has surprised the existing customers of the service. They believe that when the service is powered by Microsoft, there will be more support through the Windows help website and other the Microsoft support facilities. Parature currently has a customer base about 70 million users. With the acquisition, this customer base will be added to Microsoft. Parature’s active customer base includes software and services giants like IBM and According to a reliable source closely associated with Parature, the US Environment Protection Agency also uses the cloud storage facility of the company.

Microsoft foresees even more number of customers

Microsoft believes that the acquisition of Parature would help it attract many more customers who are looking for affordable and effective cloud storage options. Listen to the words of Bob Stutz, the corporate Vice President of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, “Organisations are looking for business solutions that can strengthen their ability to connect with customers on their own terms, using whatever device and whatever channel they prefer”.

There is indeed a significant role for Parature among the cloud storage options. Many business firms that are looking for effective cloud storage solutions think that Parature is the ideal solution for them. What makes Parature special in this regard is its self-service feature. Moreover, most organizations are now forced to provide the best services online and for them, Parature gives the maximum benefits with minimum investment and resources. Based on the estimation of Cloud Pro, “Parature is a compelling combination for organisations committed to delivering the best service experience that consistently exceeds their customers’ expectations.”

Benefits of Parature

Once customers are able to use Parature service, they could improvise their customer support in to new dimensions. Most important of all, the cloud support through CRM would let them create new and crucial leads in their business as well as sales.

Microsoft yet to decide whether to incorporate Parature

Though the decision for acquisition of Parature is almost finalized, the tech giant has not come up with a final decision regarding whether to incorporate the cloud service with its popular services or retain it as a standalone brand.

There is no doubt that the Parature users will enjoy the Windows help services once it becomes part of Microsoft. However, the inflow of more customers would be based on the effectiveness of the service.

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