Methods To Maximize Screen Space In Your Windows Computer

Many a times, you would have faced issues regarding maximizing your screen space in your Windows computer. According to technicians at Windows help, maximizing the computer’s screen space would ensure a comfortable computing experience for the users.

You can use the following methods to maximize your PC’s desk space:

Modern Snap

  • Windows 8 comprises of an advanced app known as Snap. This feature would help the users to view two modern apps on the computer screen at the same time i.e. a modern app and the desktop.
  • You need to open the multiple fullscreen modern apps, and then move your cursor to the Start button. Here, without click on the option, you need to slide the cursor upward to launch a sidebar with all the currently opened apps.
  • Amongst these apps, you need to click the specific app that you want and drag it outside. It would be placed on the desktop along with the other apps you have already opened.

Windows 7- Style Desktop Snap

  • The modern Snap feature in Windows 8 and 8.1 proves to be beneficial only if you would like to access social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, or even Xbox Music while you work on the system. But, if you want to view two desktop apps simultaneously, you would need the Windows 7 desktop version of Snap.
  • This version helps to effectively view two desktop apps at the same time.

Tasking the taskbar

  • Along with the Snap feature, Windows also comprises of several longtime window management features that are built into the taskbar. These options are useful while you want to check two windows at once.
  • However, according to the Windows help, these taskbar features do not help the users to maximize the screen space as much, and instead help to locate a specific window out of the various desktop apps that have been opened together.
  • To open these management tools, you just require right-clicking on the taskbar and check the context menu. In the menu option, you would now see three different options: Cascade WindowsShow Windows Stacked, and Show Windows Side-By-Side.
  • You can now click on each of these options to arrange the windows in your desktop.

These methods would help you to maximize your screen size in your Windows computer. For more information regarding the features and specifications, please contact our Windows technical support team.

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