Lenovo Says It Would Continue The Release Of Small Sized Tablets In The US Market

After reports popped up stating that Lenovo would soon withdraw its small screen Windows tablets from the US market, the company has now made it clear that it would continue selling its 10 and 8 inch tablets in the country. Earlier, the company spokesperson has told PCWorld that US customers show very little interest in its smaller sized tablets, ThinkPad 8 and Miix 2. He further added that the demand for these tablets in countries like Brazil, Japan and China has gone up considerably over the past few months. He had told earlier, “The demand for ThinkPad 8 has been much stronger, so we are adjusting our ThinkPad 8 inventories to meet increasing demand in those markets.”

However, the latest statement from the company rubbishes the rumors. According to the latest statement, the company has no plans of withdrawing the small inch tablets. On the other hand, it is getting ready to launch a new Windows 8 tablet, which has a screen size of 8-inches. However, the company did not reveal more details on the product. The statement reads, “Our model mix changes as per customer demand, and although we are no longer selling ThinkPad 8 in the US, and we have sold out of Miix 8-inch, we are not getting out of the small-screen Windows tablet business as was reported by the media.” It further states, “In short, we will continue to sell both 8- and 10-inch Windows tablets in both the US and non-US markets.”

Even though the company has two small screen tablets in the US market, it is clear that the company is focusing more on large display tablets. This is because both the small screen tablets, Miix 2 and ThinkPad 8 did not receive a warm welcome in the US market. Miix 2 was priced at 300 dollars while ThinkPad 8 came with a price tag of 400 dollars. Windows help blogs has found that this high price was one of the negative factors, as users could find Android tablets at a much lower price.

According to the Windows help blogs, the new tablet getting ready to release would be priced competitively, as this could be the only way to pose a tough fight against other Android tablets that come loaded with features, at lower prices. Even though the company has not declared a date for the release of the new tablet, it is expected that it could be in the market within two to three months.

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