Learning To Use The PrintScreen In Windows

As we all know, the PrintScreen feature in Windows is an extremely useful feature. It lets you take instant screenshots of the items in your computer. Moreover, this action is possible through a single keystroke. Once you have grabbed the screen, you can paste it onto MS Paint, Word or any other photo-editing or even word processing software. Once pasted, you can view, save or edit the Windows screen shot in order to make changes to it.

Most of us know how to use the print screen feature. However, here are some features that only selected users know. If you want to know the secret features of Windows screen shot, you can contact our Windows help team or read the following:

Active Window Screen Capture

  • If you have multiple Windows open but you only want to grab the screen of a specific window, you can do so by pressing and holding the Alt Key while clicking the PrintScreen key on your keyboard.
  • Doing so will take the screenshot of the selected window that has been presently highlighted, the window that has a dark title line on top.

Screen Capture Cropping

  • If you do not want to save a specific part of the screenshot, you can use any image-editing software.
  • If all else fails, you can even use MS Paint in order to save the specific image. Open the software from Start menu and then click Ctrl+v in order to paste the screen shot.
  • Crop away the unnecessary bits and then save the remaining image by pressing Ctrl+s.

Cut Out Part of Screen Capture

  • You can crop out a specific part of the screenshot and then save it elsewhere.
  • In MS paint, you can use the free-form select tool in order to grab a specific area.
  • Once done, press Ctrl+x in order to cut the selected area. This will copy the data into your clipboard.
  • Bring forward the image you want to add the data onto and then click Ctrl+v. This will paste the specific data over the place.

Apart from using the tips shared above, you can install certain third-party software to improve the functionality of a Windows screenshot. This software manages to integrate the function of the image editing software so that you have immediate control of what you want to take the screen shot of and what name you want to save it under. Search online for famous software that will give you this functionality or contact our Windows help technicians to know more about the same.

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