Learn To Create A WinHelp File

Specific instructions and guides for the Windows computer users can be created with the help of WinHelp files. The WinHelp files with an extension .hlp are not used nowadays. Microsoft now uses an updated Microsoft Compiled HTML Help format, with an extension of .chm. People who wish to utilize the .hlp WinHelp file format can get help from the Shalom Help Maker, which has a user-friendly interface and all the necessary resources needed.

Follow These Instructions To Create A WinHelp File

  • Start by downloading the Shalom Help maker and the help compiler, look in resources for more information. Get it extracted to the same directory. If the version of Windows that you are using is newer than Windows XP, such as Windows 7 or Windows Vista, you will have to have the Windows Help Program downloaded and installed.
  • Start using the Shalom Help Maker by double clicking on its exe file, which you will find in the dictionary where the Shalom Help Maker and Help Compiler is extracted.
  • In the title field, type the appropriate title for the file, this is at the top towards the left-hand side of the window. Create individual pages by typing a header in the Header text field for each WinHelp file you create. This will be the title of the page. Put in the keywords and phrases that users would mostly use to find the page that you are creating, suppose they browse through the table of content.
  • Enter the contents that you think should be displayed on the page that your create. You can also insert images, pop-ups, and links to other pages within the WinHelp files. By using the right button on the toolbar, you can also link it to other websites.
  • To preview and to check if all the elements of the page are inserted properly, press the F4 key.
  • Press and hold the control button and hit the letter H to test the project that you have just made. Check if all the pages look right and that the links are set to the right location. Also, do a check if the links are active.
  • When you are done editing, press the F9 key to compile the project. When it prompts to name the file, enter a name and then click on save to complete your WinHelp file.

It is very easy to create Windows Help files with the Shalom Help maker. Look for online support in the support Microsoft page if you need more information on this.

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