Information On The Advantages Of Disk Defragmentation In XP

Microsoft, the software giant, is the creator, developer, manufacturer and licensor of umpteen computing products and services. Windows is probably the most popular Operating System series developed by none other than the world’s largest software maker, Microsoft.

Windows XP, an edition of the Operating System series, launched in 2001, was preceded by Windows 2000 and Windows ME. Short for Windows eXPerience, this operating system is still popular among the users even after a decade since its launch. Even now, it is the second most popular operating system software, second only to Windows 7, which enjoys the maximum user base.

If your Window XP PC is experiencing considerable decrease in speed, then probably it is badly fragmented. Disc defragmentation can actually help to improve the speed. Here are some Windows help points that explain the advantages that you can have if you use the disk defragmentation feature in your Windows XP PC.

Defragmenting your internal hard disk can considerably increase the speed of a computer based on how badly it is fragmented. Tech experts recognize this feature as very important for keeping your computer healthy and running properly. If your hard disk is fragmented, then it can slow down a computer considerably. Therefore, you need to defragment it on a regular basis. This process can be performed using a built-in feature included in Windows XP. Windows XP has a Disk Defragmenter, a simple and straightforward tool.

An internal hard-disk can become fragmented when the Operating System software does not store a particular file as an entire unit. Instead, it breaks up the file and writes it to various locations, based on the necessities or circumstances. After some time, the disk becomes more and more fragmented. This makes it extremely difficult for the hard drive to search the files and thereby it takes time to complete the process of finding proper pieces of the file. What a disk Defragmenter does is that it reorganizes or rearranges the data on a hard drive for accessing it more quickly.

The defragmentation process can be performed by following the below mentioned steps.

Windows help step for Defragmentation:

  • Initially, you need to go to “Start”.
  • After that, you can go to “All Programs”
  • Then, choose the “Accessories,” from the list of items displayed.
  • Then, choose “System Tools” from the list of items displayed to the right of “Accessories”.
  • After that, you can click on “Disk Defragmenter”. You can then click on the drive you wish to analyze and then Windows will inform you whether it should be defragmented. Once the process starts, it can take few hours to complete.

For any further assistance on the process, you may contact out tech support team.

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