Improve The Performance Of Windows Vista

Windows Vista, the OS platform, which was launched after Windows XP, proved to be a failure. Despite the efforts by Microsoft to give the OS an entirely different interface, they could not meet the users’ expectations and many users, who started using the OS platform complained that it was too sluggish. But, you need to accept the fact that the new graphical interface of Vista had no comparisons and this attracted many number of users to the new platform. The OS was excellent in terms of network connection and came with powerful search features. But, if you wish to have Vista to work efficiently and smoothly, you need to satisfy the higher system requirements. One example is RAM, which should be much more to avoid Vista turning sluggish.

The Vista users normally contact the Windows help team when they encounter problems with the OS. In order to avoid possible problems with Vista, you need to follow the below given steps that would enhance your system performance.


  • You need to close unnecessary programs and services. For that you need to open Control Panel and uninstall the them from your computer. You could also find services that are of little importance and hence it would be better if you disable the same.  If you do these steps, it can bring great difference to the performance of your Vista platform. Moreover, it would offer you more free memory space. You can do this to the services like Hibernation, Error Reporting, Offline File and others.
  • The interface could be improved by the optimization of UI. You require high system resource and high configuration to enjoy working on a high performance interface. Even turning off the same would improve the performance of your Vista platform. In order to disable it you can select Computer, right click on it and select Properties.  Modifying it will help you to increase the speed of Windows Vista.
  • If you have performed a lot many tasks on your Visa platform, you can clean the unwanted junk files or you could even clean your system registry. This can bring a considerable change in the system speed and performance. This will even provide more free memory space, which is your current requirement.

These above steps would definitely bring a great improvement in the system speed and if you have any concerns, you may contact the Windows help team for assistance.

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