How To Use Windows Remote Assistance Effectively

Occasionally, a computer can give you troubles. Sometimes, it might be a virus infection or a changed email setting that does not allow you to send emails. While it is quite an easy task for a computer literate to fix these troubles, many people do not have the expertise in fixing them and they end up calling a technical support company and give them a lot of money to fix the issue. However, what if any of your relatives or friends can fix the issue for you sitting at a remote location? Well, Windows help is available for you in this regard with its Windows Remote Assistance program. We will find out how to use this program and give access to your friend to access your computer remotely and fix the issue.

Steps to get support

  • Select Start and on the search bar type Windows Remote Assistance. Run the program when it comes up.
  • Choose the option Invite Someone You Trust to Help You.
  • Select Save This Invitation as a File. Choose a location to save this file.
  • Launch your email program and send a mail to your relative or friend who is going to assist you after attaching the invitation file in the email that was downloaded earlier.
  • You will see a password on your screen. Send your friend this password as this is necessary for the person on the other end to connect to your computer.
  • A window will show up stating that the other person is attempting to connect with your computer. Select Yes to grant permission.
  • Select Allow User to Respond to User Account Control Prompts and then Yes. This step will give full control of your computer to your friend/relative who is at the other end.

Steps to give support

If you wish to give support to someone, then follow the steps below.

  • Save the invitation file send by the other person who requires remote assistance to any preferred location.
  • Run this file and type the password provided to you by the other person when asked for.
  • You will gain access to the other person’s computer when the person at the other end gives you permission. Choose Request Control and when the request is granted, you have complete control over the other person’s desktop.

With the above-mentioned steps, you can give access to someone else to your computer or gain access to someone else’s computer. If you find any trouble during this connection setup, contact Windows help center and troubleshoot the issue.

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