How To Reset The Administrator Password Using The Password-Reset Disk

Do you ever get embarrassed that you were not able to login to your Windows computer because you suddenly forgot the password that you had changed just a minute back? As a user if you are unable to login to your computer, you can try to log in as an administrator and reset the user account password. The administrator has the right to make any changes on a computer including the password reset. But what if the administrator password itself is forgotten?  Now this can be a tricky situation!

This is why Microsoft highly recommends you to create a password-reset disk as soon as you install Windows on your computer. The only option to reset the administrator password is by using the password-reset disk. As long as you have the power of an administrator or you are logged in as an administrator, you can create this password-reset disk at any time you want. Contact the Windows help section to learn more about this and related topics.

Resetting the administrator password using the Password-reset disk

  • Since you have forgotten your administrator password, Windows will display a message that says that your password has not been accepted.
  • You can see the option “Use Your Password Reset Disk” on the Windows login screen. Click on it and this will start the Password Reset Wizard.
  • When you get this wizard, click the Next button and you will be prompted to insert the password reset disk. Insert the disk and click Next.
  • You can see the “Type a New Password” text box. This is where you will enter your new password. Re-type the same password in the confirmation text box to confirm. You may type a password hint and click the Next button to proceed.
  • After this, click the Finish button. The password Reset Wizard will end and you will be taken back to the Windows login screen.
  • Use the new Administrator password that you have created just now and log into the Windows.

What my advice here is, create this password-reset disk as soon as possible so that you don’t have to run for help seeking assistance from a technical expert. Windows help contains many topics that explains how you can create the password-reset disk including the latest methods to recover a password. Go through it before you try to create the disk.

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