How to Move an OE Address Book to Windows 7

Most of us could hardly manage our work schedules and correspondences without Outlook Express. While offering a fun to use platform, OE provides a host of editing capabilities and creative features that make our digital activities all the more convenient. Moreover, its solid privacy and security features add to its authenticity of being a highly secure email client. Well, the bitter part of the story is that OE has been phased out since the launch of Windows Vista.

As such, most of you would surely want to move your much valued OE Address Book from your previous OS to the new one. Here, the Windows support team gives you a comprehensive account on the same.

The Need to Transfer your OE Address Book

As you might know well, since Windows 7, Microsoft provides Windows Live Mail as the default email client program. Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 were the last Microsoft platforms to support Outlook Express. And hence, all those of you who’ve upgraded to Windows 7 would surely want to transfer your OE Address Book to your new system.

Outlook Express uses .wab (Windows Address Book) files for storing email addresses. However, as Windows Mail is not at all reluctant to receive such files, transferring your old Address Book would be surely an easy task. Let’s see how this can be done.

The Procedure

  1. Launch Outlook Express and click on “Tools”, followed by “Address Book”.
  2. Click on “Help” and then “About Address Book“. Copy the full file path shown in the “File” field.
  3. Go to “Computer” and paste the file path into the address bar at the top of the window.
  4. As the Windows support team says, remove the filename (<name>.wab) and press “Enter” to navigate to the “Address Book” folder.
  5. As the Windows support team says, now insert a blank CD or DVD into your PC and choose “Open Writable CD Folder Using Windows Explorer“, whereby a new window would open.
  6. Return to the “Computer” window; drag and drop the .wab file into the other window.
  7. Under “CD Writing Tasks“, select “Write These Files to CD“.
  8. Once the CD has been written, remove it and insert it into your Windows 7 PC. Launch Windows Live Mail and select “Contacts”.
  9. Press the combination key “Alt+M”. In the subsequent menu point to the option “Import” and choose “Windows Address Book (.WAB)“.
  10. Choose the disc drive, click on the .wab file and select “Open”.

Well, that’s it! You’ve successfully imported your OE Address Book to Windows Mail. For any further assistance, do get in touch with Windows support.

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