How To Make Use Of The Windows Help Feature

The Windows operating system can turn out to be one huge puzzle for many users and to solve that puzzle and to have a complete understanding of the operating system is a humongous task. The Windows help feature is your one stop feature for getting all the help related to the Windows operating system. To use the Windows help feature, first Start menu should be accessed by clicking the Start button that is housed in the Windows taskbar. The Windows key can also be pressed for making the Start menu appear. Different options will be displayed in the menu.

Help and support

Search and locate the Help And Support icon and choose it. The Windows help and support center will appear on screen. The Browse Help icon has to be located and the top right corner should be clicked. The table of contents should be re-selected. The different help options corresponding to the issues can be seen when the icon is clicked. Getting Started is most often the first topic.

The different topics

Different topics are available, you can scan through them, and the required selection can be made. When the required selection is done, you can also see sub topics. The presence of the blue box in the top left side means that further sub topics are present. The selection of the topic has to be done based on the problem at hand. If a vague selection is made, you might not be able to find a suitable solution for your problem.

Communicate with help center

The blue linked marks in the Windows help sections can provide more information on the topics that the user is searching for. To communicate with the help center, dialog boxes appear when the green links are used by the user. The essential information will be provided by the help center as soon as possible and the solution for your problem can be availed.

Use the search feature

From the list, if the designated answer could not be acquired, the search feature can be used. For users who need proper help with the different terms and functions available in the operating system, the help feature is necessary.

To have a better understanding of the Windows-help feature, users may contact our customer support center. Our customer support center provides help and tips for all relevant Windows queries.

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