How to Fix a Black Screen in your Windows XP Computer

For those of you who have your computers running on Windows XP, you might be well versed with all of its features and applications by now. However in this article, we will be dealing with a completely different matter that has resulted in a lot of complaints from Windows XP users worldwide.

Case in point- the black screen issue. Read on for the help guide with resolving the same on your computer without having to call on Windows support number.

Problem with Black Screen on Windows XP

Now, performing a setup or installation process on your Windows XP computer requires that you first load the setup utility from your Windows XP startup screen right after you have turned it on. This enables you to re-route your system’s startup processes from further loading information off your systems hard drive and in loading information off your Windows XP set-up CD, effectuating successful completion of the process. And as such, the problem with black screen occurs right after you turn on your computer.

This can be a result of your Windows XP computer’s failure to load while also not displaying you with any error messages indicating the reason behind it.

Additionally, a black screen also indicates a problem with missing or damaged system files. So, if in case your Windows XP installation is missing or is experiencing corrupt files, it fails to load the operating system.

Let us now get down to the support guide in using your Windows XP installation CD in fixing the same problem. It is as given below..

Fixing Windows XP Black Screen without having to call on Windows support number

The steps are quite simple and you can complete it in a matter of minutes:

  1. To first begin with, insert your Windows XP Installation CD in the optical CD/DVD tray of your computer.
  2. Once it has been inserted, head for the “Power” button and turn on your computer.
  3. Press the “Enter” key from your keyboard at the “Welcome to Setup” screen followed by pressing the “F8” key so as to agree to the license agreement.
  4. Finally, use the “Up” and “Down” arrow keys to select the Windows installation you wish to repair. Then press the “R” key so as to select the installation. This will initiate your Windows Setup to repair the installation files; restart your computer once it’s done and then finish the repair of any damaged files.

Hope you found this article helpful. Ciao!

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