How To Do A System Restore In Your Windows XP

Microsoft developed Windows XP as an operating system for its use on personal computers and laptops. Based on the user base data, Windows XP is the second most popular version of Windows. The word XP is abbreviated as “Experience”. There are certain specific features that keep Windows XP unique when compared to other operating systems. It does not require external drivers to support most of the hardware.  In addition, it offers good GUI (Graphics user Interface) and universal plug and play feature. It also provides system restore option.

System Restore finds useful when you have made any wrong changes to the System folders or registry knowingly or unknowingly. This Windows help feature enables quick and easy recovery of the changes. Moreover, keep in mind that within 90 days since the changes, a user can utilise the function of System restore.

Steps To Follow

  • Since you have to restart your computer while performing this action, first and foremost thing to do is to print out or write down the steps before proceeding. Furthermore, all the opened programs must be closed. Now click the Windows “Start” button. Then restart the computer or laptop by clicking on the “Restart” button.
  • While the System runs its booting process and before the Windows logo appears repeatedly presses “F8” button on your keyboard. Look for Advanced boot options. Find “Safe Mode” and press “Enter” key. This will prompt you to a screen to type your administrator password in case you have set one. Then click “OK” to launch Windows XP in Safe Mode.
  • You may notice changes in appearance but it is only because you have put the Operating System in Safe Mode. Now to launch System Restore, click the Windows “Start” button and select “All Programs” or “Programs.” Then Scroll up and select “Accessories” and then click on “System Tools.” Finally click “System Restore“.
  • On the utility find “Restore my computer to an earlier time” radio button and click on it. Then click “Next”. Restore your computer by selecting the date that you want.
  • You are minutes away from restoring your computer. Click “Next” and on the confirmation page click “Next” again. This will actually restore your previous Windows XP configuration and automatically restarts the computer.  And when you log on, a dialogue box asserting “Restoration Complete” appear. Click “OK’ to make sure.

In short, the System Restore option is also a Windows help function that supports its users tackle problems without hampering the data’s and files. Anyone can perform a System Restore in their Windows XP, just follow the steps carefully

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