How To Back Up All Your Important Data In Windows Vista OS

From experience, we all know that it is always wise to backup any important data in your computer. It is not just the threat of losing it all during a system crash or some other error; there is also a possibility that the files could get corrupted over time because of a virus infection or a malware. Yes, there are excellent Windows help and support services available that could help you recover these files. However, it is not a risk worth taking – especially, when it comes to your work-related files or other important documents.

Back up all the important data

If you deem it important then create a back up for it. In fact, many new laptops come with a back up wizard that keeps urging the users to back up all the important data once in a month or so. This not only acts as a reminder but also makes the process of backing up data easier. All the user would have to do is to click on the back up wizard and follow the steps.

In fact, there is an inbuilt tool in the Windows operating system to back up data. This tool may be provided at different places in different Windows operating systems. However, if you use the Windows Help and Support option and do a search, you would be able to find the Windows back up tool.

Here I will explain how you can access and use the Windows back up tool in the Windows Vista OS.

  • In the Windows Vista OS, the Windows back up tool is located under the System and Maintenance option in the Control Panel.
  • There you would find the Back Up and Restore Center. Once you click on this option, the Windows Back Up and Restore Wizard will be launched.
  • It is very easy to back up your files using the wizard. The options and instructions shown on the wizard are self-explanatory. I do not think I have to go in to the details.
  • You would be asked to select the files that you want to back up as well as a location for storing the back up. You could store the back up in one of the folders of the system itself.

However, I advise you to store the back up on a CD/DVD, pen drive or some other external data storage device. This way the data will not be lost even during a system crash.

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