Guidelines To Rotate The Taskbar

All of you must be familiar with the Windows taskbar. Using the Windows taskbar is the first thing that most learn while getting introduced to a Windows Operating System. Usually, it is found at the bottom of the computer screen, with the Start button on the left and the time and the hidden items on the right.

However, some curious heads will wonder if they could change the position of a Windows taskbar, and browse through every Windows Help topic to find a way to do this. Perhaps, you may think it more convenient if the taskbar is placed on the left side of the computer screen, or either of the remaining ones. In fact, it is possible to reposition the taskbar to any of the four sides of your monitor. All you need to do is read through the below given instructions carefully and work on them.


  • Turn on your PC if it is turned off.
  • Wait until the PC is fully loaded. Close if any application or program is currently running in the background.
  • Drag your mouse cursor to the edge of your taskbar.
  • Check whether your cursor is turned into a double arrow.
  • If the cursor doesn’t turn into a double arrow when you position it on the edge of the taskbar, you need to unlock the taskbar.
  • Right-click on the taskbar and select the checkbox from the drop-down menu that says Lock the Taskbar. This will unlock the taskbar.
  • After unlocking the taskbar, position your mouse curse on the top of the taskbar and drag it to any of the four sides of your computer screen – wherever you want it placed.
  • Let go of the button once you have placed the taskbar at the desired side.
  • Your taskbar must remain where you have released the cursor.
  • Again, right click the taskbar and select the option named Lock the taskbar.
  • Doing this will bypass unnecessary movements of the taskbar when you move or drag your mouse in hurry.
  • You can position your taskbar to the default state at your wish. All you need to do is unlock taskbar, position your mouse cursor on the top of the taskbar, and drag it to the default side while clicking and holding the mouse button.

You should know now how to reposition your taskbar to any of the four sides of your PC screen. If these instructions didn’t help you, contact Windows help.

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