Guidelines To Deactivate The Automatic Update Notification In Windows

Windows operating system is provided with automatic update features, which allow you to install the required updates for maintenance and security. The frequent notifications often cause hindrance to the smooth operation of the operating system. The installation of the upgrades will be activated only after you restart the system, which can be quite disturbing for the users. You can disable the feature for notifications and allow only manual initiation of update downloads. Windows help and support center provides you with the necessary instructions in disabling the automatic update feature. The essential procedures are provided in the next section of the article.

Hide the icon for Windows Automatic Update

  • Select the Properties option from the list displayed by right clicking on the taskbar.
  • From the window that is prompted, click on the Customize button.
  • From the list of options that are displayed before you, select the Windows Update icon.
  • In the Behavior list, select the drop down arrow and choose Hide icons and notification tab.

The required updates can be accessed from this icon. You will be relieved from the frequent notifications, prompting you to download the updates.

Disable the feature for Automatic Updates

  • Select the Start button from the taskbar.
  • Under the Search option, enter msconfig and press Enter. Windows XP users will have to choose the command Run from the Start menu and enter msconfig in the provided field.
  • Choose the Services option and deselect the Windows Update tab from the list of options that are listed in the window.
  • Once you have deselected the Windows update option, select Apply and click on the Ok button.
  • In order to effectuate the modifications, reboot your system.

The updates for the Windows operating system will be downloaded only after manual initiation. You can verify the urgent updates required for Windows and activate only the required installations. Windows help features for updates can be accessed by clicking on the notification icon provided in the taskbar. The unnecessary interference of updates and restart disturbances will be eliminated once you have deactivated the automatic update feature.

Relieve yourself from the frequent update notifications and restart disturbances by hiding the notification icon assigned for system updates. Implement only the required set of update installations and that too only when you feel that the process is compulsory.

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