Guidelines On How To Reinstall Help And Support Without Windows Setup Disc

While using a computer, you will encounter numerous problems from time to time, ranging from small problems to fatal errors. If you are using a Windows computer, you can contact Windows help and support center, and find the troubleshooting steps to fix common problems.

Help and Support utility in Windows

Microsoft has designed the utility called Help and Support within the Windows operating system to help users address common errors and problems easily. A computer is a complex machine that blends both hardware components and software applications, and therefore it is prone to face errors and problems pertaining to both the segments during operation.

While hardware related problems would require replacement of the malfunctioning component, software related problems can be fixed either by reinstalling the corrupted application or by reinstalling the operating system. Nonetheless, it is important to diagnose the issue prior to the troubleshooting. Windows Help and Support utility consists of diagnostic tools and repair tools to fix almost all Windows problems related to either hardware or software.

What if Help and Support tool is removed from the computer?

Rare, but possible. You may realize that you have lost the Help and Support utility from your computer. As it is a default utility in the Windows platform, you would require a Windows CD for reinstalling Help and Support utility.

Yet, you may also wonder whether there is any other way than reinstalling Help and Support from a Windows CD. If you are lucky, your computer will have a copy of all contents from the Windows CD at the time of installation. With the help of a third party Windows access program, you can trace out Help and Support utility, and reinstall it easily.


  • Open your default web browser and download WinAccess or Reimage (third party software application to reinstall Help and Support without Windows CD).
  • Once download is completed, locate and double-click the .exe file you have downloaded.
  • Click on the Run button to continue with the installation of the software. Once the program is installed on your computer, let it search for the files required for the reinstallation of Help and Support utility. Follow the on-screen instructions to continue.

Following the above steps, you can successfully reinstall the Help and Support utility in your Windows computer. Browse through the entries listed in the utility to find appropriate troubleshooting steps to fix issues in your Windows computer.

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