Getting Windows Tech Support Online

Throughout its tech support period, you can access any of the Windows help services online, through their chat support network or by dialling the helpline numbers, free of charge. However, as the tech support service for a particular OS reaches its final stages, Microsoft will discontinue many of these free services and start charging for some of them.

How to get in touch with Windows tech support

Most of us are tech savvy and we have no problems getting in touch with Windows online support when we need any assistance. However, not all users know where to go to obtain the free Windows help service, which comes with the software product they purchased.

The starting point of this search should be the error message you receive on your screen. Normally, you might see some instructions or options on the error message asking you to click on this button you want to search for a solution online. Just follow the prompts you receive after that to get the tech support you need.

Normally, this entails your OS sending the details regarding the error to the Windows tech server online. As a reply to this, your OS will receive the URL link for downloading the Microsoft Fix It application that is designed to fix the problem. This will be a very small application and the download will take only a few minutes. Allow the OS to proceed with the download and installation of this OS fix. In most cases, this is found to fix the problems.

However, this does not happen on a few occasions. If so, make sure to note down the details from the error message, especially the error code. You can directly search online with this error code to find the solution to this problem. Or, you can just visit the Windows tech support website online and use the search option provided to find the solution.

These search results will lead you to the tech support article, which will have all the troubleshooting steps you need to execute for fixing this issue. If this does not help, try contacting the tech support personnel over the helpline numbers or in their email address.

Many third party tech services are also equally good at handling Windows OS issues. For example, if you are an XP user, then the official Windows support services are no longer available for you. In such cases, you may contact our tech support personnel using the helpline number provided.

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