Get The All New Windows Chrome 64-Bit

There are quite a lot of advantages with running a 64-bit program when compared to 32 bit. The main reason why users opt for a 64-bit system is the misconception that it runs twice faster than 32-bit systems. If all the operations worked on 64-bit data, then this will be absolutely true. But this is not the actual case, as you also have to take memory overhead in to account. This is the main reason why most of the standard web browsers have moved to 64-bit systems. The Safari web browser from Apple migrated to 64-bit system in the year 2009 and they implemented this in their iPhones starting from IPhone 5s. While rendering tasks, The Apple Company claims that there is a 50 percent increase in speed.

However, this is not the case with Microsoft as the Windows 7 operating system is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit Internet Explorer browsers; but by default, it only uses 32-bit IE. The need to support the 32-bit add-ins is the main reason for using 32-bit browser. The tech giant does not prefer to use 64-bit systems, as they proclaim that there are not many differences in speed when 64 bit is compared with 32-bit, but they agreed to the fact that because of additional security features offered by a 64-bit system, it is more secure than others.

Mozilla and Google had released 64 bit browsers long time back. Windows seemed to be a difficult one for them even though they had 64-bit versions for some time. The standard Mozilla Firefox browser runs on a 32-bit system and it is available for download in the nightly channel. The company does not advertise it properly and that is the reason why it is so unpopular among the users.

Recently, the search giant Google has released Windows Chrome for 64-bit version in the Dev and Canary channels and Google claims that in order to make it more stable, more steps have been taken. However, this Windows Chrome 64 bit is compatible only with Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems and that too 64-bit ones only. Moreover, search giant Google claims that the ability to use memory techniques such as Address Space Layout Randomization makes the Windows Chrome 64-bit system more secure. They also claim that these types of systems are more stable.

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