Get Software Updates With Windows Device Manager

Be it laptops or desktops, everyone want to enjoy trouble-free system usage. Nobody prefers to see their systems crashing down or face technical problems. So make sure that your system is working in proper condition.

Check for virus infections. Visiting malicious websites can be fatal for your computer. Therefore, it is highly recommended that your computer is secured with a proper antivirus protection. Windows help center guides on downloading and installing various antivirus programs. However, it is better to avoid pirated versions. Though you can save a lot of money there, only genuine versions of antivirus software will provide you maximum protection.

Apart from that, you can ensure that your computer is running latest softwares. Software updates is found to be useful for your computer’s optimal efficiency. Windows help center instructs its users on how to update the Windows software.

Steps to update Windows software

  • Get started opening the Device Manager window.
  • Now open the category, which contains the device. For instance, open Network Adapters for networking hardware.
  • Proceed by double clicking over the device, which you prefer to update.
  • Select the Driver tab, and proceed selecting the Update Driver button.
  • You can set the driver to search for updates either automatically or manually.
  • Select the option Search automatically for updated driver software in Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • If you are on a Windows XP computer, select the option Install the software automatically. Now proceed by clicking on the Next button.

Once all these commands are given, Windows will start to search the computer and internet for retrieving the most recent and latest driver updates. If a new driver update is found, it is automatically updated in the computer. On the other hand, if you do not find any updates, you can confirm that your driver is up to date.

  • Now close the window once you are done with all the above-mentioned steps.
  • Restart your computer after performing the software update.

You cannot always completely depend on the driver update though. There are times when new drivers are actually available but cannot be detected. During such situations, it is recommended to visit the manufacturer’s website for checking new drivers and updates. Thus, the above-mentioned steps show you how to get software updates with Windows device manager. For further support, contact, Windows support center.

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